Kim Hayes

Kim Hayes

There are people and businesses out there with huge ideas, but they lack the time, resources and, sometimes, the creativity to put those ideas into motion. That's why I'm here. I believe that, where my skills and someone's best ideas intersect, great things can happen!

I've been good at putting words together for as long as I can remember. But when, as a teenager, I really began to appreciate the craft it involved, writing was never again just an issue of using correct grammar and proper punctuation. Suddenly, I saw writing as an art form with unlimited potential for dimension and color and personality. And I recognized the writer, no matter the genre, as the craftsperson always searching for just the right words written in just the right way. To this day, I love that search!

What started as a childhood hobby carried me from a major in English and Creative Writing into a long and rewarding writing career in media, finance, and hospitality.

I invite you to sample my work, and maybe we'll intersect soon. Great things could happen!

Expertise Writer. Marketing Consultant. Voice-Over Talent.

Skills Spanning decades of writing, design and promotional experience, my often-overlapping areas of expertise have resulted in a portfolio that includes award-winning ad copy, business writing, feature stories, print layout, and press releases. I have written content for web sites, catalogs, and museum displays. I have also developed corporate materials and displays for a variety of promotional events. Other skills include editing and proofreading, advertising and business voice-over experience, an intuitive sense of "how it ought to be said," and a (mostly personal) delight in creating poetry and short fiction. My software skills include Microsoft Word, Excel, Microsoft Publisher, and Adobe Creative Suite.

Location Weaverville, NC



Phone 828.230.3777